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Doctor Parker has always had a passion and interest in medicine. He completed his MBChB Medical Degree at the University of Cape Town Medical School. During his final year, Dr Parker received the Dr Helen Brown Medal for achieving the second highest marks in Medicine in the year of his qualification. The following three years included a variety of medical disciplines including General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics. He has also served on the Steering Committee of SHAWCO Health and served as a Senior Committee member of the UCT Surgical Society.

Dermatology is a fascinating speciality and after experiencing the many aspects of medicine, Dr A Parker decided to focus on and specialise as a Dermatologist at the University of Stellenbosch Medical School, Cape Town. Not only did he pass his Specialist Dermatology examinations with distinction he also passed summa cum laude receiving the prestigious Dr Peter-Gordon-Smith Gold Medal Award. Dr Parker was also the youngest member to be accepted as a Fellow of the College of Dermatologists of South Africa.

Doctor Parker has a keen interest in research and furthering advancements in Dermatology. During his medical school career, he received the Deans Prize for Research at the University of Cape Town and is a published medical journal author. His current research and interest is focused on alopecia and hair loss, a dermatological condition affecting many patients. He specialises in hair restoration including both medical and surgical hair transplantation.

Dr Parker is active in the South African dermatological community and has presented talks at the South African National Dermatological Congresses. Outreach included teaching medical students at the University of Stellenbosch Medical School, as well lecturing general practitioners, paediatricians and nurses on common dermatological ailments. For the past few years, Dr Parker has generously volunteered his time pro bono to assist with dermatological clinics in poorer communities, such as Worcester, which have very limited access to dermatological services.

MBChB (UCT); FCDerm Summa Cum Laude (SA); MMed Derm Cum Laude (SU)
Advanced Dermatologic Surgery Certification (SASDS); Hair Transplantation Certification (International)
Specialist Dermatologist and Founder of the Dermatology and Hair institute


At the University of Stellenbosch Medical School, Dr. Samina Parkar earned her MBChB medical degree. Rotations through several medical specialties, including general surgery, internal medicine, and paediatrics, were part of the subsequent three years. She is a specialist who values science and has over ten years of post-graduate experience in the medical field. She is also actively involved in both research and developments in the latest medical advancements. She has been actively involved in the University of Stellenbosch Medical School’s medical education and training of students for the past several years.

Dr. Samina Parkar is an accomplished person with a strong sense of duty and a love of both medicine and dermatology. She takes great pride in her interpersonal skills and has gone above and beyond in all of her previous responsibilities to guarantee the greatest level of care is given to her patients. In her fourth year of medical school, she became inspired to learn more about the fascinating field of dermatology. After seeing the various facets of medicine, she decided to concentrate on and specialise in dermatology at the University of Stellenbosch Medical School. Her expertise includes treating and detecting skin cancer in addition to treating common medical dermatological issues in individuals of all ages.

Dr. Samina Parkar is an active member of the country’s dermatology community. She belongs to both the South African Society of Dermatologic Surgery (SASDS) and the Dermatology Society of South Africa (DSSA).

MBChB (SU); FCDerm (CDSA); MMed Derm (SU)
Specialist Dermatologist and member of the
Dermatology and Hair institute

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