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Dermatology Services

Dermatology Services

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A dermatologist is a doctor that has dedicated at least four years of time to specialise in all aspects of skin care. This is after completing six years of medical school first. We treat all conditions related to the skin, hair, nails and mucosal surfaces. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is the part of us that we present to the world.

Dermatologists treat skin conditions in all age groups, from birth to old age. For this reason, we often get to know our patients quite well, and it is common to follow patients from childhood to old age. Unfortunately, there are roughly only about 150 dermatologists in South Africa, servicing a population of over 50 million people. Even bigger cities like Cape Town only have a handful. Considering that most people will have a skin ailment at least once in their lifetime, we often need to work quite long hours.

We will always endeavour to accommodate our patients wherever possible, whether it be squeezing in an urgent case at the end of the day or early the next morning.