Medical Dermatology

Medical Conditions and Procedures

There is a vast array of dermatological conditions. Dermatologists train for many years to be able to diagnose, 

treat and manage these conditions effectively. A few of these conditions include:


Skin Cancer

There is little doubt that South Africans enjoy the sun. Unfortunately with improper sun protection techniques, skin cancer may arise. Our aim is to provide appropriate treatment for all skin cancers as they arise. We advocate strongly for skin cancer prevention, not only via sunscreen, but also by treating skin cancers at their very earliest stages. We use special techniques and equipment to visualise and destroy skin cancer while they are only a few cells thick.


Unfortunately psoriasis affects up to 5% of our population. This can be an extremely debilitating illness, affecting not only the skin, but also joints and the heart. It often affects interpersonal relationships and patient quality of life. Psoriasis is treated holistically, with therapy that is convenient and best for the patient. The treatment of psoriasis is becoming ever more sophisticated with new products and agents being introduced regularly.


One in six children develop atopic eczema. Furthermore, eczema commonly affects all age groups due to a variety of reasons. It affects the ability of children to concentrate and learn in school and affects the quality of life of all age groups. It can drastically affect the wellbeing of the family unit. Wherever possible, a precipitating cause should be investigated for and removed. Treatment strategies should be agreed upon by both doctor and patient and followed to completion.

Hair Loss

One of my research interests. There are actually many different types of hair loss patterns. Each with their own individual treatment and management. We use specialised tests and equipment to diagnose these. Most hair loss is reversible, however some types such as cicatricial alopecia are irreversible.  I always tell my medical students, if they are unsure of the type of hair loss a patient has, they should refer them urgently to a dermatologist for prompt diagnosis and treatment. Cicatricial alopecia is indeed a dermatological emergency.


Acne will affect most South Africans at some point during adolescence. We have a vast array of treatment options at our disposal, each suited to different patient types. Most patients will be adequately treated with good outcomes. Even early acne should be treated as any grade of acne may lead to irreversible acne scars.

Patients with pigmented skin types should be treated particularly more aggressively as their risk of blemishes and uneven skin tone post acne is extremely high. Acne may be a sign of an underlying hormonal problem. Based on the type and location of your acne, we may investigate for certain endocrinological diseases.


Melanoma is one of the most serious and dangerous cancers known today. Prevention in these cases is always better than cure. We offer comprehensive mole checks, that enable us to diagnose melanomas early on in their evolution. Treating a melanoma early on has much better outcomes than waiting for it to enlarge. Patients with many moles, those with a family history of melanoma or those with unusually appearing moles should have them assessed by a dermatologist.

Skin Infections

Skin infections will affect most people at some point in their lifetime. These range from serious skin infections to the more innocuous. Most skin infections, once diagnosed correctly, are easy to treat and quick to resolve.

Our Services

Medical Dermatology

A dermatologist is a doctor that has dedicated at least four years of time to specialise in all aspects of skin care. This is after completing six years of medical school first. We treat all conditions related to the skin, hair, nails and mucosal surfaces. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is the part of us that we present to the world. Dermatologists treat skin conditions in all age groups, from birth to old age.

Cosmetic Dermatology

We offer a comprehensive and ethical cosmetic service at the practice.

Treatments are suited to the individual patient. The safety of the patient will always be the first priority during treatments. Enhancing our patient’s natural beauty is our ethos.

We strive to provide a natural healthy look with all procedures.

Surgical Dermatology

We strive to offer a one-stop-service for patients requiring surgical procedures wherever possible. This includes dermatological diagnosis, biopsy or excision of the offending lesion.

Most small to medium skin cancers are able to be done and removed at the practice. If needed, our plastic surgeon is available to assist with larger and more complex procedures.

Beauty & Aesthetic Clinic

We have an innate understanding of our clients’ aesthetic needs and concerns. Dr Parker and his aesthetic team are able to provide our patients with the very best in aesthetic treatments. In an ethical manner enhancing the patient’s natural beauty to keep patients looking healthy and natural using Phi to create balanced facial proportions.

Integrative Health

The Dermatology and Hair Institute offers an integrative approach to your health, each patient is an individual and requires a holistic approach to treatment.

We combine all the below to best cater for all your individual needs for the optimal outcome.


Botulinum toxin treatments like B-tox or Disport injections are the gold standard for preventing wrinkles.

Hair Loss

There are many different types of hair loss patterns, each with their own individual treatment and management. We use specialised tests and equipment to diagnose the many forms of hair loss.

Most hair loss is reversible, however some types such as Cicatricial alopecia are irreversible. There are however treatment plans.

Skin Cancer

At The Dermatology and Hair Institute our dermatologists have vast experience in the detection and diagnosis of skin cancer in both its early and advanced stages.

It is also very important to keep in mind that preventative assessment and care may significantly lower the risks of skin cancer.

Online Consultations

Since 2019, Parker Dermatology has been working on a telemedicine platform component of the dermatology practice.

His commitment to staying relevant and remaining at the forefront of medical dermatology to provide the best possible service and the easiest access to dermatology has led him to online consultations for acne, rashes, pigmentation and scarring.