Scar Treatment

Scars are a very common part of our lives. Some scars are negligible, whereas others are a lot harder to ignore. Scars can form from having a minor injury or from undergoing surgery. They may appear to be red, elevated from the skin’s surface and they can also inhibit movement of one’s limbs. It can take a few months for certain scars to heal.

Scars can appear each time a cut or scratch reaches the dermal layer of the skin. Scars are a part of the body’s tissue repair. Scar tissue is comprised of collagen, which are the exact fibres that clasp normal skin cells together. 

There are numerous reasons why people undergo scar treatment. Apart from the aesthetic aspect to scars, they can also cause immense pain, itchiness and can also result in long-term issues such as anxiety. 

How to Treat Scars – Recommendation from Dr. Parker

Dr. Parker recommends Fagron Nourisil Scar Gel for the treatment of scars. Head over to The Dermatologist’s Store to purchase your fix!

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